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Children and Youth Development Association (CYDA) is a charity organisation operating in Chiang Mai, with a main purpose of supporting disadvantaged children and improving their quality of life. CYDA wants to give the children the opportunity to receive higher education, learn about agriculture, ecology and environment conservation, as well as striving to promote Thai culture and traditions.

The CYDA GuestHouse has been developed to provide an insight into the everyday life of a Thai rural village. Our guests get to mix with the local community and visit the amazing temples nearby without a tourist in sight.


The GuestHouse provides traditional home cooked Thai cuisine with fresh ingredients from our organic farm, whilst also providing a real insight into Thai culture in a way that you wouldn't experience anywhere else in Chang Mai.


CYDA aims to work with the local community to provide an authentic and memorable experience for all of our guests. All proceeds from the GuestHouse go towards CYDA's charity programmes. For further information,  please click on GuestHouse.

Latest News

We are hoping to raise $5000 by having  volunteers do a skydive. The $5000 will cover the entire running cost of CYDA including the following:

-Tuition and other school materials for 4 high school children

-Food, electricity, water, and Internet for all residents

-Monthly salary for a house parent


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