Village Bike Tour


+ Ride through village see the rice fields and the contrast of modern and traditional houses.

+ Visit the exquisite Wat Nong Faek without a tourist in sight.

+  Original Hand made crafts.

+ International Honey Bee factory

+ Villagers spear fishing in local river.

+ Exotic Bird breeding program.




  • Recommended Schedule for Morning

    - 10 am. Leave CYDA on bike.

    - Ride past Rice Paddy fields.

    - Visit the local temple.

    - Witness the villagers spear fishing in the local canal.

    - Ride through farmlands and forests.

    - Visit and tour the international bee factory.

    -  Have a look at the hand made watches.

    - Exotic Bird breeding program with over 100 birds and enjoy an ice cold coffee at T&M Cafe.

    - 12 - 1pm. lunch.

Bike rental, Lunch either at GuestHouse or local establishment, Tour Guide on request (for English and/or Japanese tourists).



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All income from this project supports CYDA's program costs


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