CYDA's Sky Dive for Education


On the 5th December, we are hoping to raise $5000 by having volunteers do a skydive. The $5000 will cover the entire running cost of CYDA including the following:

-Tuition and other school materials for 4 high school children

-Food, electricity, water, and Internet for all residents

-Monthly salary for a house parent


About Our Volunteer Sky divers:


Patcharavit - nickname Pet, has been living at CYDA since 2011. Pet is from the Lahu hill tribe and is studying at Sarapee Vocational College at Sarapee. He is in his final year in education studying engineering, after he's finished he plans to open a bike repair shop.


Piyapong Saelee - nickname Frank, has been living at CYDA since 2010 and is from the Hmong hill tribe. Frank is studying science and mathematics at Sarapeepittayakom High School. He is also in his final year at school, he hopes to continue his education and become a doctor. His motto is: "life has started! You ready!?"


Yoshimi Horiuchi, nickname Yoshi, is founder of Always Reading Caravan and is the public relations officer on CYDA's board of directors. Yoshi is a Japanese blind woman who is determined to make society be one place for all.


Alex Matsangou, nickname just Alex, is helping out CYDA and persuaded the other volunteers that jumping out of a plane for charity is actually a good idea.


Both Frank and Pet, who are in their final year of education and both have been getting excellent grades. The boys have reaped the benefits of staying at CYDA and with the extra funds we hope to raise will allow CYDA to add more children to follow in their footsteps.


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