About CYDA

The Children and Youth Development Association (CYDA) is a non-governmental organization that was established in 1997. CYDA operates in the Chiang Mai province and was officially registered and approved by the Thai government in July 1998. The organization's main purpose is to support disadvantaged children, and to improve their quality of life. CYDA is especially concerned with children from poor backgrounds or broken home families, which include children from both Thai and hill tribe communities. CYDA wants to give the children the opportunity to receive a higher education, which would help provide them with far better employment prospects. At CYDA, we also provide education and training about agriculture, ecology and environmental conservation, while at the same time promoting Thai culture and traditions. We do our best to give the children the best possible opportunity for a happy and successful future.


In the past, CYDA has been supported by the Thai Government, non-profit organizations (NGO), such as Sekai no Tomodachi from Japan, Hanns Seidel Foundation from Germany, Fund for Thai Friends (FTF),   and various individual donors. However, because of today's financial climate there are a very few organisations who are still able to support CYDA. We are very grateful to associations, such as Sekai no Tomodachi and our Japanese and Thai friends, who still continue to provide us with the necessary funds for our organization to thrive.


To help with funding, CYDA have come up with a program that will provide further support for the organisation, the CYDA Guesthouse. The GuestHouse has been established in order to provide an insight into the everyday life of the rural area. With traditional home cooked Thai cuisine and a look into Thai and Hill Tribe culture, CYDA offers an experience that can’t be gained anywhere else in Chang Mai. All profits from the GuestHouse would help fund CYDA and all of its projects.


For further information, please see our current projects.

  • CYDA's Objective

    1) To support and undertake activities for disadvantaged children and young people, in order to improve their quality of life.

    2) To support educational activities that promote environmental conservation.

    3) To support children seeking formal and informal education.

    4) To promote Thai culture and tradition.

  • CYDA's Programs

    1) Half-way house (dormitory) for children and youths at risk.

    2) Skill development for street and slum children in Chiang Mai town.

    3) Organic farming for children and youths living in the dormitory.

    4) Continually adding to the book collection of the Library for reading materials for the children and youths.

  • Board of Directors

    1.  President  - Mr. Sorn Pinaksornskul

    2.  Vice president - Mr. Surasak Hoonsuwan

    3.  Secretary-General - Mr. Phusak Thammasarn

    4.  Treasurer - Ms. Inganit Sirinapapant

    5.  Register - Mr. Chansiri Chensiri

    6.  Project Manager - Mr. Alex Matsangou

    7.  Public Relations - Ms. Yoshimi Horiuchi

    8.  Committee - Mr. Siripong Suvanasiri

    9.  Committee - Mr. Thawat Jitgarwin


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